Hi. My Name is Rachel.

I'm a designer, a photographer, an artist and a musician.

I'm a wife and a mother. I love my family and I love God. I'm a farm girl who loves animals and nature. Growing up on a farm, I learned to work hard and learned to love hard work. I'm passionate. I'm dedicated. I'm motivated. I love deeply the people in my life and the things that I do in life.

I am very dedicated to my family and reserve the majority of my day for them, but when the kids are in bed, it's my time to design and think creatively without interruption (most of the time). I'm a night owl, and I do my best work when the house is quiet. I love this, because I am experiencing the best of both worlds. I haven't missed a moment with my boys, but I have been able to keep pursuing what I love, even if my time is limited. I'm honest about this because my work style won't work for everyone. But I work quickly, and as you sleep, things are getting done.

Please contact me for design rates or with any questions you may have.